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Girlfriends Guide to Sexual Health (And What Really Matters)


May 5, 2021

This is an excerpt from my Girlfriend’s Guide series that appears on, JustBobbi.com. Read the full Girlfriend’s Guide to Sexual Health here. Want more of my guides? Read the Girlfriend’s Guide To Ulthera, or the Girlfriend’s Guide to Low-Sugar Cocktails.

Before I begin, I want to give full photo credit to the gorgeous Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel pictured above. I don’t know who took the photo but I love it. Monica B. is one of my timeless beauty icons. And I thought it was a good image for my guide to sexual health. 💦💦 Now, onto the guide…

As I get older and wiser, I would now argue that sexual health is one of the most important parts of your health. If not, the most important. The term “sexual health” almost seems dated doesn’t it? Like the “sex ed” classes you would take in high school. But what sexual health should mean to women is balanced hormones, healthy vaginas, and rock solid libidos (yes – libido is a women’s thing too!).

Sex drives suffer for men and women as they get older. So many of my friends speak to me about their lack of sex drive after having kids—and they often chalk this up to just simply getting older. Then throw in the exhaustion of childcare, endless work from home zoom meetings, spending a lot of time with your partner (or spending a lot of time alone). If your sexual health was struggling before COVID. COVID definitely didn’t make it better. Never mind the anxiety and stress of the current world we live in.

When I talk about “sexual health,” I am not talking purely about your sex life. I am talking about your actual feminine wellbeing. Enter the company, Sex and Good, where we want you to actually harness your badass female self and make sure you are operating at peak performance.

Women’s health advocate and media personality Carole Radziwill believes that sexual wellness should be a woman’s top priority. “It impacts everything in her life—from sexual vitality to mood to aging. Healthy libidos and sex hormones play an important role in maintaining not only sexual health, it also impacts skin aging, as well as brain and bone health,” she says. (In full disclosure, Carole is a Sex and Good brand partner and avid consumer of our Sex and Good Oh Mega Yummy Gummy.)

My beauty and wellness routine includes a whole slew of beauty products from serums to eye creams. My supplements include zinc, vitamin C and magnesium… to name a few. But what’s in your sexual health routine? Is it meditating, is it masturbating, is it supplementing? You would never miss putting on your eye cream at night, right? But if your hormones were balanced, would you also be sleeping better? Would you feel less fatigued?

Read the full guide here. And now until Mother’s Day, use code “momlife” to get 20% off all Sex and Good products. Prefer to shop on Amazon? That’s ok, we get it. But you need to follow this link and use the code ‘20MOMLIFE20.’

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