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Can An App Tell You If You Have Skin Cancer?


September 21, 2016

Technology makes our lives easier every day. Apps keep us on time, in fashion, and ahead of the curve, not to mention highly entertained. But would you trust an app to assess the probability of melanoma in your moles? Sounds great in theory, right? Well, theory can only take us so far.

Our friends at Allure give us the cautionary details on skin cancer apps, recapping studies that show they can do more harm than good.

Allure says, “In a new study published on the website of the journal JAMA Dermatology, the results from four apps designed to assess melanoma risk were found to be disappointing. According to the study’s authors, three of those apps tested ‘misclassified 30 percent or more of melanomas as benign.”

Hats Help Prevent Skin Cancer: Best Sun Hats To Guard Against UV Damage

In other words, these aren’t a substitute for real medical advice, and we recommend seeing a Charlotte’s Book-approved expert dermatologist for a serious diagnosis.


Everyone knows the best skin cancer prevention is found in a sunscreen bottle and under a hat.


 Read client reviews, book appointments, and get expert advice. Only the best cosmetic doctors, skincare gurus, nutritionists, fitness and wellness professionals make it into our book.

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