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What Is Snow Mushroom Water Serum, And Does It Work?

What The Heck Is Snow Mushroom Water? And Why Should Your Skin Care So Much?


September 2, 2018

Every skincare lover is constantly on the quest for the new hydrating, skin-revitalizing product. One product that’s recently piqued a lot of interest is as ancient as it is new. Introduced by Volition, the Snow Mushroom Water Serum uses a thousands-year-old Chinese tradition in an innovative way to moisturize the skin and minimize pores and fine lines.

So what actually is snow mushroom?

The snow mushroom (whose scientific name is Tremella fuciformis) is straight out of ancient Chinese folklore. It’s credited with giving Yang Guifei, one of China’s Four Beauties, her youthful, radiant look. Even though it has no discernible taste, the snow mushroom is used in Chinese cuisine (notably desserts, soups, and teas) for its medicinal properties. It’s also been used in skincare for thousands of years because of its hydrating ability.

The Snow Mushroom Water Serum:

As you might know already, Volition is a crowd-sourced beauty product company—so products are innovated by real users! (You can read our story where we covered the breakthrough company before it made its way into Sephora.) A user by the name of Keidy submitted her idea for using snow mushroom to Volition, which then did its own research to find the right formulation. Researchers figured out an effective way to process the mushroom to deliver maximum skin benefits. Plus, they devised a method to deliver the mushroom agents in a robust and complete serum.


Snow Mushroom Water Serum


What was the inspiration behind Keidy’s product idea?

The product’s innovator, Keidy, grappled with problematic skin for quite some time, even turning to pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, she was one of the small percentage of people who experience horrible side effects, including depression. After one serious episode, Keidy decided enough was enough and started exploring a more natural route to improve her skin. She researched ingredients hoping that a DIY remedy would put an end to her skin troubles.

“My inspiration for this product was my own depression,” Keidy wrote. “I was using very harmful products (topically and orally) that were ruining my skin and making me go a little crazy. I finally decided to stop it all and find my way to more natural products that wouldn’t make me feel the way I was feeling (ugly). There was something in my head telling me Mother Nature could be my healer, and so I started reading and watching helpful tips [until] I came across the white fungus.”

After Keidy stumbled upon the snow mushroom and read up on its properties, she began buying and brewing her own batches. She applied the ground-up rehydrated mushrooms to her face and quickly noticed a clearer complexion, an intense surge of hydration, and reduced pores and redness. Had Keidy found the skincare Holy Grail she had been looking for?

The end result:

Volition chemists developed a proprietary process to break the Asian-sourced snow mushrooms down, extract the particles, and transform it into a fluid that can be used in a serum. To the fluid they added marine sea water which detoxifies skin and reduces shine. They also added watermelon and apple extracts as sources of vitamins A and C, which plump and brighten the skin. Lastly, vitamin B5-rich lentil extract (yes, lentil extract!) was added to soothe, smooth, and retain moisture.

This all sounds great, but does it actually work? Or is the snow mushroom just folklore?

You know here at CB we embrace all kinds of skincare, from cosmetic enhancements to holistic treatments and, yes, Chinese mushrooms—as long as there are real results.

Volition points to three clinical studies they performed during development of the product. All three were evaluated at baseline and then after 10 days of use. In the consumer perception study, 97% said their skin was more hydrated, 90% saw an improvement in texture, 90% saw clearer skin, and 87% said their pores appeared to be minimized.


Does The Snow Mushroom Water Serum Actually Work?


In another study using VISIA pore imaging, there was evidence that Snow Mushroom Water Serum visibly reduced pores in less than 10 days. And in a third-party clinical image analysis test measuring wrinkles and fine lines, 90% saw an improvement within 10 days.

How is snow mushroom different from hyaluronic acid products?

Snow mushroom is a natural source of hydration. It can hold nearly 500 times its weight in water (!). A key point of difference is that the snow mushroom’s particles are smaller than that of hyaluronic acids, so it penetrates and absorbs into the skin more easily.

Where does this serum fit into your already-crowded skincare cabinet?

You should use this serum under your moisturizer. Serums usually contain a high concentration of active ingredients, which you want to have direct contact with the skin. From there, you can use your regular moisturizer, eye gel, and an SPF for the daytime. If you’re using an oil (like me!), Volition says to use the serum at night.

You can expect immediate softening and hydration. Remember: everyone’s skin type is unique so it’s always difficult to say exactly when results will be seen. But given the clinical studies, the ten-day mark seems to be when that hydration surge and pore minimization set in!


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