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Cheryl Wischhover and Dr. Elizabeth Hale weigh in on lying about botox.

Still Lying About Botox?


November 10, 2014

Talk about candid. In this very relatable Refinery29 article, author Cheryl Wischhover gives insight as to why she has been lying about getting Botox, and we think she is as spot-on as the needles recently injected into our foreheads.

A patient of Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider, Dr. Elizabeth Hale, whom she entrusted with her very first injection and then on, Wischhover quickly learns that getting the juice, doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your facial charisma or looking like an expressionless cartoon character…especially in the hands of a qualified doctor (à la Charlotte’s Book mantra!). But perhaps, that’s where the guilt sets in for most of us.  When it comes to “aging gracefully,” we agree when she says:

Ostensibly, I think it’s supposed to mean accepting the process without fighting it, and sporting your grays and wrinkles with a beatific smile while pulling on your elastic-waist pants. In reality, it’s often used to mean “looking great for your age.” As a society, we heap praise on older women who don’t look older, but who also don’t seem to have had work done. Therein lies the secret shame. The idea is: “I don’t want to be seen as so vain that I’m willing to inject a TOXIN into my skin, but I also don’t want to look old before my time.”

But so what if some of us aren’t ready to come clean about the Botox we get? Especially when there’s privilege in being able to deny it. According to Dr. Hale, as quoted in the article, “In my opinion, if you’re able to lie about it, then that means your Botox was done the right way. No one should ever say to you, ‘Your Botox looks great!’”

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