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The Motherhood Event - NYC
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NYC Event Alert: The Motherhood Event


May 6, 2018

If you’re expecting or are a new mom, then you are (or will be) navigating the many changes your body goes through during and after childbirth. The Motherhood Center in New York has a range of resources to help women transition into motherhood, and this week there’s a free workshop called Recover Your Belly – Recover Yourself that’s all about healing your post-natal body. Read on for more details.


Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a CB expert, plastic surgeon, and expert abdominal reconstruction specialist. As a mom who’s had a C-section, Dr. Bartsich is passionate about improving post-childbirth treatments for the abdomen and helping women feel not only healthier, but also more confident about their bodies.

Dr. Bartsich will be joined by Rachel Welch, founder of Revolution Motherhood. Rachel is a postnatal fitness expert who uses her experience with yoga, pelvic physical therapy, and other treatments to heal women’s bodies after childbirth.


In this workshop, the experts will be discussing childbirth, C-sections, effects on your core, and healing the post-partum body. They’ll get real about post-partum injuries that aren’t discussed nearly enough. From fitness advice to restore your abdomen to surgical options that are available, you’ll learn about effective tools that’ll put you in charge of your body.


Tuesday, May 8, 5:30-7pm


The Motherhood Center, 205 Lexington Ave, New York, NY


Sign up for a spot here.

The Motherhood Center

The Motherhood Center offers supportive services for women making the transition into motherhood. Whether you’re in search of childbirth preparation classes, a support group, breastfeeding assistance, therapy, or resources for dealing with postpartum depression, you’ll find it at The Motherhood Center.


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