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How Can I Treat My Acne Scars?


January 19, 2017


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Dr. Amanda Doyle is a CB-approved dermatologist practicing at the Russak Dermatology clinic. Dr. Doyle specializes in rejuvenation techniques like microneedling and PRP (the “vampire facial“), and the Russak Dermatology office is full of the latest cosmetic treatments, including lasers and body contouring gadgets—they even have an aesthetician on staff for medical-grade facials and dermaplaning. So Dr. Doyle was the perfect person to ask about cystic acne and the resulting, often longterm marks—we knew her approach to this reader question would encompass both a root-cause treatment for acne and effective rejuvenation techniques for scarring.


 I get cystic breakouts which are more or less the only kind of breakouts I get and they are always on my lower face chin/cheek area. Red marks are always left behind after a cystic breakout for weeks, months, or even years. What treatment has proved to be most effective to help with post-acne hyper-pigmentation marks? I have been researching every kind of laser there is. Please help!


The primary issue needs to be addressed first, which is the cystic acne. Topical and oral prescriptions can be very helpful for hormonal acne. Treating the underlying cause of the red and brown marks is most important, before addressing the actual red or brown pigment.

Topical retinoid and sometimes topical bleaching treatments can be used, along with light-based treatments such as IPL. Clear & Brilliant can also be very effective when used with the appropriate topicals, once active acne is under control. Of course, every treatment is customized to our patients’ exact needs—the most important thing is to visit an office that has a variety of treatment capabilities and the knowledge and capability to employ them for your benefit.


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