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Our New Look: Just A Little Tweak Here & There


July 9, 2017

We’re feeling pretty fresh this week, in case you haven’t noticed.

Our readers are well-versed in the golden rule: a little well-placed update here and there is enough to make you feel like a million dollars. So we tweaked a few things, and we feel amazing. 

We got a sexy, friendly new logo. We got a new layout, so finding the important features is even easier. We organized our categories—skincare, cosmetic treatments, health + wellness—and lined them up on the front page so you can find answers to your questions even faster. Our regular columns, like Ingredient Check and Beauty File, are all in one place.

Plus, we put our experts—the doctors, aestheticians, and nutritionists we rely on—right on the front page. Now it’s even easier to see their gorgeous faces and book an appointment.

So you’re right: it’s actually quite a few changes. But we figured we deserved it.

Last year, over 1 million people visited Charlotte’s Book. Right now, 150,000 readers visit us every month, and that number has been growing exponentially.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the vibrant health and wellness community, and we’re proud to bring you the straight answers on cosmetic treatments, from Botox to boob jobs to body contouring to labiaplasty (yep, everything).

We hope you enjoy our new look. As always, if you’re a doctor and want to get listed—or if you’re an avid best self-seeker and want to write for us—get in touch.


Robin loves to share her point of view. Some of our favorites involve sleeping in separate beds, why athleisure is out of control, and why #botoxfree is bogus.


 Read client reviews, book sessions, and get expert advice. Only the best cosmetic doctors, skincare gurus, nutritionists, fitness and wellness professionals make it into our book.

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