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Vagina Facials Have Gone High Tech - Charlotte's Book Investigates The Next Level Of Vaginal Health And Beauty
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The Next Level Of The Vagina Facial


November 24, 2017

Not only have our honey pots received their own personal training equipment, but below the belt specific products and procedures have become all the rage of late. Discussing down under is no longer taboo; a-listers and reality stars alike are opening up about their v-beauty rituals, vagina facial included. Charlotte’s Book even launched a women’s health section of the website because they were receiving so many reader inquiries on vaginal procedures.

While the internet lost its mind over Gwyneth’s v-steaming, that was just the beginning. Vagina facials became a big trend over the last year, and have now gone to the next level. It’s not just about getting a steam, wax, extractions, proper cleansing, and clay mask down there. Women can now get a full-fledged high-tech anti-aging facial for their entire intimate area.  Because I’m always up for anything (colonics? cupping? cryotherapy?), I got myself a new age vagina facial, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Pioneering this treatment in New York City is esthetician Michelle Calabrese and dermatologist Dr. Cybele Fishman; they call it “The Lady Bits Treatment”. Receiving this facial in a dermatologist’s office is much different than receiving a vagina facial at your local spa. The new vagina treatments not only address external vaginal aesthetics (the standard vagina facial), but the latest technology goes even further to address loss of laxity and collagen…in your vagina…

 “Over the course of my 10 plus years experience, patients have expressed deep-felt concerns about their bodies – especially the intimate area. These same concerns have cropped up too many times to ignore. As a result, I designed a conceptual treatment for our clients, and ‘The Lady Bits Treatment’ was born.”

So what goes down during this unique treatment? If you’re imagining something like Gwyneth’s sit ‘n steam ritual, think again. There’s no relaxing over a vat of steeped Mugwort. This is a comprehensive, pampering facial for your entire intimate area, the thoroughness of which rivals facials (performed on my actual face) I’ve gotten at some of the best spas around the world.

I met Michelle at the NYC office of Cybele Fishman, MD. Whatever nervousness I felt over meeting the woman who would be giving me a 90 minute in-depth intimate area treatment dissipated within a few minutes of talking with Michelle. She was professional, knowledgeable and a total girl’s girl. As an “intimate treatment” vet, I’ve learned that any professional who chooses to give such treatments is someone with an intrinsic ability to put others at ease – even when those others are in the most compromising positions. Michelle was no different. I actually felt (slightly) more excited than anxious before we started.

Once I was “in position”, Michelle went to work…on my face. Her professional integrity compels her to care for a client’s face, even during the Lady Bits Treatment. She begins each Lady Bits Treatment (LBT) with a gentle face cleansing, then applies a sheet mask and lovely weighted eye mask. This ingenious step forced me to close my eyes and relax my body at a time when I thought doing so impossible. Michelle then told me she’d be taking a “before” for before & after pics. She then told me that we’d be looking at these photos, TOGETHER, after the treatment. More on that later…

The LBT begins in earnest with a radio frequency session. “Radio frequency is a very progressive and proactive method of preventive and corrective aging. It tricks collagen molecules into a multiplication process. As a result, the collagen builds and plumps up any area with a loss of laxity.” explained Michelle. If you’ve ever gotten a micro-current facial, radio frequency is a similar process. For about 30 minutes, Michelle used metal probes all over the most intimate parts of my intimate parts to tighten, tone and firm. She did this for 30 minutes. It felt like 300 minutes. Throughout this portion of the treatment, Michelle repeatedly voiced her excitement about how “well I was reacting to” the radio frequency…WHATEVER THAT MEANS. She then moved onto the skincare portion.

After the incredibly intimate radio frequency portion, this second part was a breeze. Michelle performed a very comprehensive facial on my entire bikini zone. She tailors every treatment to a woman’s individual needs. “I use all available resources, combining the most progressive western and eastern practices. I cleanse, exfoliate and treat conditions such as ingrown hairs and hyper-pigmentation. I stimulate circulation, oxygenate the cells and detoxify. This is followed by the appropriate mask and topped off with finishing products.” Told you it was comprehensive! After cleansing, exfoliating and applying a peel, Michelle treated a nasty ingrown hair I had with a cortisone shot. She ended by applying an overnight exfoliating & refining treatment.

About those before & after pics…after snapping the latter, Michelle and I sat shoulder to shoulder and compared & contrasted the two pics, together. Once I got over the fact that I was looking at and commenting on pictures of my vagina with another woman, I realized that the results were remarkable. The whole area looked brighter, firmer…better. Any nervousness, embarrassment, and general feeling of mortification I felt was more than worth it.

Though I saw noticeable results after just one treatment, the best results are cumulative. “Depending on the goals of the patient and the individual treatment plan I create, I generally recommend either one treatment a year or a series of three followed by maintenance of 1-2 a year. It all depends upon the goal and lifestyle of the patient” Michelle explained.

Who the LBT is for? Michelle assured me it was not just for post-pregnancy mamas. “Any woman who feels she can benefit from freshening up in that area is a candidate. Women of any age with genetic laxity, women looking to correct general aging, women with a very sexually active lifestyle who want to keep things fresh, or anyone who’s looking for preventive maintenance to keep feeling & looking her best.”

Perhaps you’re wondering: Does the treatment improve sex? “Patients report that sex feels more pleasurable…the plumping also makes it feel a bit snugger during the act. Overall, the treatment gives women more confidence in bed.”

You can experience the Lady Bits Treatment at Cybele Fishman, MD NYC office. The treatment is $750; purchase a package of three for a 10% discount.

Originally published September 20, 2016,  “The Year of the Vagina. “Vagina illustration found on Pinterst by Lena Oberg


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