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An Expert Nutritionist Explains All The New Supplement Buzzwords [10 MIN. VIDEO]


October 19, 2017

We trust pretty much everything nutritionist Corina Crysler says, from detox to hormones. Plus, as co-founder and formulator of GliSOdin Skin Nutrients, she’s a supplement expert: that’s a hot commodity, as far as we’re concerned.

Recently, we peppered her with questions about nutricosmetics (what’s up with this trend, anyway?) and filmed the whole thing: it’s packed with insane information. In another session, Corina explained how it’s possible to regulate hormones with supplements (very helpful). She also outlined a new, healthier way to detox, with a range of supplements rather than with juice.

This time around, we’re getting the scoop on a few nutrition and supplement buzzwords. What’s resveratrol, exactly? What does alpha lipoic acid do? Is astaxanthin good or bad? Corina breaks it down with CB founder Robin Shobin in a quick, informative 10-minute chat.

Highlights and takeaways from the video—which you can watch here—below.


Fun fact: it’s made from grapes! Corina says, “It’s a great antioxidant. But you have to take a lot of it, because it’s considered a secondary antioxidant.” What’s a secondary antioxidant? Corina explains that primary antioxidants are made in the body, secondary one are not.


“Collagen is a protein and proteins are broken down in your stomach,” explains Corina. “From my experience and the research I have read, collagen just breaks down after you eat it. So it is not overly effective. There are some promising new supplements in this area, but protecting collagen is more where you want to go rather than just taking collagen.” We love this take.


This one is pretty hard to pronounce, but it’s really effective. “This is a primary antioxidant,” explains Corina. “Unlike a secondary antioxidant, this antioxidant can just keep going in your body.” She believes SOD is literally the most important addition you can make to your supplement routine.


This is a great antioxidant, notes Corina, and it helps with inflammation. She says, “It’s specifically good for the liver.” Which, as we know, helps your body detox, which is directly related to skin health. If someone is dealing with acne, I always suggest taking a look at the liver because your liver has to process everything.

Fascinating, we know. If you want more, check out the video interview.


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