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Expert nutritionist Corina Crysler's supplement routine
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Beauty Nutritionist Corina Crysler Shares Her 24-Hour Supplement Routine [10 MIN. VIDEO]


August 1, 2017

We’ve got a friend crush on a nutritionist, and it’s Corina Crysler: she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutricosmetics, and her speciality is beauty supplements (an incredibly hot topic of late). Corina is the co-creator of GliSODin Skin Nutrients, which she founded with scientist François Vix, who discovered an orally stable form of antioxidant enzyme SOD (derived from a French melon that contains 7x more SOD than regular melon) in 2001. The company is headquartered Toronto, where Corina lives.

We recently shot a few videos with Corina here in New York, the first of a series of live expert Q&As. We’re still getting the format down, but the content is top notch. Find the full video here—below, the highlights.

What’s your morning routine?

I drink lemon water, and then I take my adaptogens. If I’m traveling I take a pill form but if I’m home I take a powder form. Adaptogens really help with stress, and for me, that’s a big thing: stress obviously impacts skin. Then I take our skin brightening formula. I suffer from acne, and I’m also really fair so I have to be careful of sun damage. I do all of this before breakfast. When I wake up I take my supplements first and then get my breakfast going. It’s good to have your supplements in your system for 20 minutes before you start drinking coffee.

What supplements do you take during the day?

Throughout the day I like to drink water with chlorophyll. Specifically it helps to alkaline the body. I try to carry a water bottle with me with a drop of chlorophyll.

What’s your nightly routine like?

At night I take more adaptogens—you can’t really overdose on adaptogens. I also take magnesium, which has been shown to absorb better at night.

What’s a supplement detox?

It’s a detox but with supplements instead of a food regimen. Supplement detoxes are great, but you want to be careful  not to do one that includes laxatives. You want to focus on the liver with supplement detoxes. You want to dedicate about two weeks to a program like this. The first week is all about ridding the body of toxins, and the second week is all about restoring and reviving the body’s natural processes. A lot of people don’t make it all the way through—they’ll stop at day 5 or 6, when the detox isn’t complete. Your body needs to repair and restore.

In contrast, a juice cleanse will focus on the digestive system. It would be great to do them together, but I would never recommend doing a juice cleanse without also eating food.

For more on Corina, check out her video here, where she spills on the 80/20 rule and how to stay on track with supplements when you travel.


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