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The Most Popular Skincare and Beauty Questions Of 2016

You Asked, We Told: The Most Popular Questions Of 2016


December 30, 2016

We love our reader questions and we love helping you! When a reader question comes in, we direct it to one of our many talented CB experts and try to get an answer right away. We got several burning questions  in 2016, and unlike our most popular content (body contouring and boobs), most reader questions focused on non-invasive anti-aging tools like lasers, injectables, and fillers. We also got a lot of inquiries for expert referrals: “I live in San Antonio—where can I find a trusted doctor?” or  “I am in the panhandle of Florida. Where do I go?” We got tons of these, and we can’t always deliver you a trusted name—but the most important thing about Charlotte’s Book is that we vet each doctor carefully and assure they adhere to our code of ethics before including them in The Book. Please be patient as we expand to your area!

As we grow, please don’t hesitate to send us more questions—and in the mean time, here are the most popular Ask Charlotte questions of 2016.

1. Lasers vs. Peels: What’s The Best Way To Zap Dark Spots? Spots—often the result of sun exposure—on the hands on face are a sure sign of aging; everyone wants to know how to minimize them.

2. What Are The Best Treatments To Fight Cellulite? It’s tough, but beatable. Read on.

3. What’s The Best Way To Treat Lip Lines? Here’s a clue: it’s not filler.

4. Many of you wrote in asking about at-home devices like the Baby Quasar: Is it worth the money? Is it for you? Which prompted us to write about our most favorite and least favorite gadgets. One reader, however, was upset that we did not point out that the Baby Quasar will not be as effective if you’re over 60. Duly noted!

5. Fillers are scary, and many of you asked, Are Dermal Fillers Reversible? Turns out they’re not so scary, but it’s worth a read to clarify any unanswered questions.

6. How Often Is A Cheat Meal Really Allowed? We asked a celebrity nutritionist. Hint: she isn’t a fan of the whole concept of “cheating.”

7. Are Tinted Moisturizers With SPF Really Enough? Yes and no—but mostly no.

8. Are Cortisone Shots Worth It? Do They Really Work? They’re effective, that’s for sure. But what happens if you go for this miracle cure one too many times?

9. Some of you are confused by injectables. What Is The Difference Between Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport?

10. We couldn’t finish up the Q&A without including retinol somewhere! You asked, What Age Should I Start Retinol Products? If your not using them already…


ICYMI: in 2016 we went in-depth on collagen consumption, griped about wildly expensive yoga pants, did a few online workouts, and decried waist-training. 


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