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Xeomin: The "I Don't Use Botox" Filler Celebs Love

Xeomin: The “I Don’t Use Botox” Injectable Celebs Love


March 16, 2017

We’re used to seeing celebs with wrinkle-free faces—or tastefully, perfectly aged ones—but we’re also used to hearing “I don’t use Botox” or “I don’t use Botox, yet.” (Check out our thoughts on Drew Barrymore.)

We know they’re regularly visiting the dermatologist, and the options for treatments are endless. It’s also a possibility that they’re just lying—it’s more costly to break the illusion of natural perfection than it is to admit to a few adjustments. (Plus, so many celebs get shamed if they use Botox, which leads them to use hashtags like #BotoxFree: we stay, #StopBotoxShaming!)

But what if they’re not lying: what if they’re really not using Botox? What if they’re using a super-similar neurotoxin, like Xeomin, and getting away with it?

Xeomin Is Exactly Like Botox, With One Little Difference

Xeomin and Botox both paralyze muscles and smooth wrinkles. In fact, they work using the same mechanism.  They share the identical active ingredient, botulinum toxin A, and the primary difference between the products is that Botox has an accompanying protein, while Xeomin does not have additives. In fact, in a head to head study Xeomin was found to be as effective as Botox. But perhaps more importantly to celebs who regularly have Xeomin treatments, when someone asks them if they use Botox, they can honestly answer “no!”

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, explains that since Xeomin’s FDA approval in 2011, celebrities who do not want to admit to using injectables have been able to honestly say they do not use Botox: because instead they use this equally effective treatment for reducing wrinkles.

We say, whatever you’re using—why not admit it?


We’re serious proponents of honesty when it comes to quality skincare, whether it’s sharing your favorite face oil or admitting to a little body contouring.
Plus: are you still lying about Botox?


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