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The Weekly Charlotte's Book Roundup

What We’re Reading Now: 6 Healthy Foods That Bloat You, What to Say When Your GF Gets Plastic Surgery, and More…


July 21, 2017

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, and you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness articles every week? Charlotte’s got you. The best of the week is right here.


~ These “healthy” foods could be causing you belly bloat. From kale to nut milk, here are 6 healthy culprits of bloat you can cut out to feel a little lighter.   — The Coveteur


~ Can you breastfeed with implants? Recent studies point to yes; breast implants don’t preclude or interfere with breastfeeding.   — MindBodyGreen


~ So, your girlfriend wants to get plastic surgery. Here’s what to do and say before, during, and after to make your woman feel sexy and supported.  — GQ


~ The anti-aging product you never knew you needed? Hand cream! The skin on your hands needs just as much love as the skin on your face. Here are the 12 best formulas you need to get your hands on, pun 100% intended.  — StyleCaster


~ Face mapping: what your body is trying to tell you. Your skin is a good indicator of what’s going on inside your body, and a breakout is typically a sign there’s an imbalance. But don’t worry; you can learn how to map your skin and address the root problem.  — Sakara Life


~ Does your skin need a pick-me-up? Try this powerful new beauty ingredient. A new strain of echinacea, an herbal supplement commonly used to fight the common cold, is now emerging as an effective ingredient in skincare.  — Well+Good


~ Cancer-causing carcinogens are all around us. But don’t freak out; there are small lifestyle changes you can make to actively reduce your risk of developing cancer from major carcinogens.  — PopSci


~ Forest bathing: the green (literally) stress-reliever. Studies have shown that going on forest walks has major health benefits, including reduced blood pressure, lower stress levels, and increased immunity. — NPR


~ A plastic surgery procedures to get rid of dark circles? That’s right; the tear trough treatment uses hyaluronic acid based fillers to plump the lower area under the eye just before the cheek and reduce the appearance of dark circles. — Allure


Image via The Coveteur

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