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Best Overseas Travel Supplements

Going Global? These Are Your Best Travel Supplements


December 3, 2015

I recently had lunch with the gorgeous and glowing Holli Thompson (a Charlotte’s Book Expert Health Coach), at one of my favorite New York City spots, ABC Cocina. As the holiday and flu season approaches I have upped my zinc, Vitamin C and echinacea intake. But over the holidays I’m headedĀ to Thailand and Vietnam to experience the spas, great food, and hopefully,Ā tonsĀ of massages. My travel plans prompted me to ask Holli: what supplements should I pack for my travels to prevent getting sick across so much flying time, several airports, and all this delicious spicy Thai (street!) food? Here, her insightful answers and best tips for maintaining optimal travel health.

Just A Few Drops Of Oregano

TravelingĀ to an exotic land and worried about getting sick?Ā Oregano oil, taken daily, is my familyā€™s favorite way to stay healthy. This anti-viral, anti-bacterial herb added to water a couple times a day will keep the bugs away. Just a few drops does the trickā€”it tastes awful, but just down the glass of water. When my family went to a wedding in India a few years back we were the only ones who didnā€™t end up sick the first week. What oil is best? Try Terra, an all natural oil from a family business.

Agua, Eau, Wasser, Water!

Proper hydration is the key to staying healthy, but sometimes getting your daily requirement can be hard. I make water more interesting by adding lemonĀ or peppermintĀ essential oil to a pitcher of water. It helps ensure I get all the H2O I need each day.

The Usual Suspect: Probiotics

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract? That means a healthy gut = less ailments. Probiotics boost your immunity, improve your digestion, and fight infection. Yet sadly, most of us are deficient.Ā  Our modern lifestyle, antibiotic use, processed foods and sugar deplete these necessary bacteria. If possible, start your regimen a few months before travel for optimum responseā€”continue throughout the trip the after your return. Look for aĀ broad spectrum probiotic that remains stable at room temperature (a must for travel).. Renew Life brand has many options. Another helpful digestion aid? Try enzymes.

Zinc, Vitamin C, Plus What’s Up With Colloidal Silver?

Zinc, besides being a great supplement for acne-prevention, can be anti-viral and should be taken within 24 hours of exposure to virus. Take zinc prior to getting on an airplane to protect against recycled bad air.Ā Vitamin C is super for an immune boost, and especially ideal for the stress associated with travel, which can deplete your levels of Vitamin Cā€”Vitamin D is also a great addition to your immune system’s fight against foreign intruders.

I am not a huge fan of colloidal silver, but many people are. It’s important to note that the benefits of colloidal silver aren’tĀ supported by any scientific research, and in fact, several manufacturers of the supplement are being investigated by the FDA. Our advice? Wear the silver, don’t eat it!

Image:Ā Ceci Gervaso

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