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What Is Irina Shayk's Papaya Powder Secret?
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Is it Genetics or Is It Diet? Irina Shayk’s Papaya Powder Secret


April 6, 2016

Recently, Vogue reported that Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Irina Shayk swears by a fermented papaya vitamin powder that she buys in Milan. We had to ask Charlotte’s Book nutritionist and food coach Dana James: is there any truth to this? Could papaya powder work for us too (fingers crossed!) or does Irina just have good genes?

Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN gave us her take on papaya powder:

Both! She’s a beautiful woman, but those of us without her extraordinary genes can also benefit from a fermented fruit and vegetable powder—whether it’s Immun’Âge or another brand like Glow Inner Beauty Powder [a favorite of Town & Country Beauty Editor Jamie Rosen, who we profiled recently in the Charlotte Talks To series]. By fermenting papaya or other fruit and vegetables, you naturally create beneficial bacteria which help to improve the gut microbiome. This can decrease systemic inflammation and lead to clearer skin, enhanced energy and a more elevated mood… provided the rest of your diet is clean and rich in nutrients. Fermented fruit and vegetable powders also provide a concentrated form of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These fermented beauty powders offer a potent physiological affect on the body and may become the ‘new’ lemon water!



Learn the right way to take fish oil from our experts. Also, we think lipids are important, but Irina Shayk thinks papaya powder is essential.


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