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Tiffany Masterson Talks The Suspicious 6

ICYMI: Watch Our Webinar On The Real Meaning Of “Clean Living” With Dr. Frank Lipman And Tiffany Masterson


January 11, 2018

Our very own Robin Shobin hosted a discussion with Be Well’s Dr. Frank Lipman and Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson. They tackled questions like: what does “non-toxic” really mean? And what are the six ingredients you should always keep away from your skin? They also provided tips on navigating the supermarket.

Some of the really interesting things we learned? Not every chemical is toxic, and not everything “natural” is harmless. Watch Tiffany and Dr. Lipman really break it down and offer some great advice on living clean and healthy.


Tiffany gave us a peek into her beauty regimen and her journey toward starting Drunk Elephant.
Take a look at Dr. Lipman’s list of ten beauty foods that reduce inflammation.


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