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11 Of The Easiest Skin Care Tips For Cold Weather

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10 Really Easy And Effective Things You Can Do To Naturally Prevent Hangovers

The 4 Things This Spa Owner Takes Everywhere, No Matter What

ShesWELL: A New Wellness & Beauty Retreat Launches in Upstate New York

Holiday Antidote: Cauliflower Soup with Lemon Zest

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Workout-Wear Anxiety: Have We Reached Peak Athleisure Fever?

Travel Well, Travel Easy: The Best Of Single-Serving Wellness

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Buyer Beware: Did You Know Illegal Butt Augmentation Is On The Rise?

Gwyneth's Derm, Dr. Karyn Grossman, Opens LA Skincare Center And Launches Skincare Line

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Meet The Steve Jobs Of Women's Health Tech: Tania Boler Is On A Mission

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The High-Tech Review: The Gadgets We Like (And Don't Like)

My Current Obsession: The Lip Slip by Sara Happ One Luxe Balm

Charlotte Talks To: Jessica Matlin, Beauty Editor + Fat Mascara Podcast Host

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Linda Evangelista Named Creative Director & New Face Of Erasa — Botox In A Jar

Are Those Things Real? Breast Implant Sizing 101

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Vagina Surgery (Labiaplasty) Is One Of The Fastest Growing Procedures: Here's The 101

The Good Skin Diet: A Sample Menu

Do Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures Actually Work? Yes, But...

What We're Reading Now: How to De-Stress Post Election, Playboy Playmate Criminally Charged for Body Shaming, and Much More...

Why I Want You To Swap Your Coffee For Runa

Your Man's Makeover: Subtle Aesthetic Adjustments For Today's Rugged Male

Why Your Pores Get Bigger As You Age (And How To Fix It)

Why Your Skin Needs Magnesium — And The Easiest Way To Get A Lot Of It

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Your Post-Party New Year's Resolutions Need To Start Now

Ask Charlotte: How Often Are Cheat Meals Really Allowed?

What Does A Medical Esthetician Buy From Whole Foods Beauty?

Sometimes, Frozen Is Actually Better Than Fresh

Amanda Chantal Bacon Has A Moon Juice Cookbook — Here's An Honest Review

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What's With $1,000+ Blood Cream? Does It Really Work?

It's Hot In L.A.—AKT Fitness Opens Pop-Up Classes

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Psoriasis: The Newest Symptoms & Treatments

Bespoke Skincare Rx Is Making A Comeback

AskCharlotte: What Is The Best Makeup For Rosacea Cover-Ups?

What We're Reading Now: Aromatherapy On the Go, The Type of Water You Should Be Drinking, and Much More...

Your Morning Routine Just Got A Bit More Stimulating

Cosmetic Treatments At Every Age: The 20's And 30's

Why You Shouldn't Listen To The American Cancer Society On This Issue: Understanding The Right Mammogram Rules

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6 Things You Can Do To Relax Instead Of Drinking A Glass Of Wine

Meet DermaSpectra—A Full Body Imaging Skin Cancer Check

Ingredient Check: So What Is Blue Majik Anyway?

The Definitive Guide To Understanding Collagen Supplements

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Date Night Beauty Food: Wild Salmon with Pumpkin Seed Cilantro Pesto

The Hyaluronic Acid Round-Up

Lasers VS. Peels: What's The Best Way To Zap Dark Spots?

Beverly Hills Aesthetician Gina Marí Shares Her Beauty File

What We're Reading Now: The Curing Power of Cannabis, When to Start Freezing Your Eggs, The Truth About Gluten, and Much More...

Point Of View: Why We Love Seeing 60+ Models Like Maye Musk

Can An App Tell You If You Have Skin Cancer?

Seriously Good, Seriously Free Beauty

The Tea Goes Inside Your Smoothie...How To Make A LØV Organic Tea Smoothie

What We're Reading Now: Bedtime Rituals To Prevent PMS, Corrupt Sugar, Loving Your Fat Rolls, and Much More...

My Favorite Cult Beauty Products For Fall

De-bunking Cetaphil: One Ingredient At A Time

Facial Fitness: Scam Or Glam?

Vein Free Legs: We Tried Sclerotherapy

Lipstick Sunscreen Is Super Awesome

What We're Reading Now: Urine Therapy, Kelsey Miller on Self-Acceptance, Cleansing Sticks, and Much More...

Amy Rosoff Davis: Actress, Celebrity Trainer, Producer + So Much More...

A Cardinal Sin: Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

How To Really Make A Healthy Habit Stick

What We're Reading Now: Sensory Deprivation, Boob Masks, Tampon Subscription Service, and Much More...

Before You Book A Facial, Read This Advice

Remember: Lemon Water Is The Easiest, Cheapest Way To Detoxify

Identify And Treat Your Worst Headaches

What We're Reading Now: Agave's Dirty Secret, Apple Cider K-Cups, #MermaidThighs, and Much More...

A Peek Inside The New Joanna Vargas Skincare Oasis In West Hollywood

This Watermelon + Mint Smoothie Is Perfect To Make Right Now

4 Lessons From Courageous, Confident Simone Anderson

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Debate — To Carb Or Not To Carb

Review — Jan Marini's Papaya Line Is Actually Helping My Adult Acne

Vampire Facials (aka PRP Facials) Are Still Trending

The 7 Unglamorous Things No One Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur

What We're Reading Now: Judgement Detox, Mushroom Shakes, Aging Hands, and Much More...

Advice From A Surgeon — 7 Ground Rules Before You Lift Or Fill

According To An OBGYN — How Do Hormones Affect Your Skin?

What We're Reading Now — Gwyneth Leaves Goop, Cannabis Tampons, Loving Birthmarks, And Much More...

Hot Hot Heat — The Best Infrared Saunas And Why They're So Good For You

Are Tinted Moisturizers With SPF Enough?

Less Gwyneth, More Goop

Bar Soaps — Why It's A Game Changer For Your Skincare Routine, Plus Our Top Picks

What We're Reading Now: April Ross Opens Up, the New Wrinkle, Forest Bathing, and More...

Are Cortisone Shots Worth The Risk Of Getting A Divot?

Are Your Ladyparts pH Balanced?

Why A Sacred Space Can Give You Superpowers

Stop Ordering An Egg White Omelet: 5 Reasons To Eat The Whole Egg

What We're Reading Now: A Plus-Sized Model's New Skincare Line, Herbal UTI Cures, Blood Spas, And More...

Gwyneth Paltrow's Neck Tightening Secret: All About Thermage

Tips From A Victoria's Secret Model Trainer & Nutritionist On How To Dine Out

Iontophoresis And 5 Other Sweat-Stopping Tips

The Crowdsourcing Skincare Phenomenon: Volition Beauty

Indie Beauty Expo Does It Again

What We're Reading Now: Jennifer Aniston Is Fed Up, Pokemon Go Cardio, And More...

Pop-Ups, Shopping, And Serious Workouts: The Ultimate Hamptons Summer Beauty + Wellness To-Do List

Addicted To Tanning? It Might Be Genetic

How Spices (Especially Spicy Chili Peppers) Can Make Your Life Longer & Healthier

What We're Reading Now: The Anti-Aging Pill Business, Topical Cannabis, Antioxidant Ice Cream Recipes, And More...

Are Dermal Fillers Reversible?

Try A Little Coffee In Your BodyCare

How The Pros Deal With Sunburn

What We're Reading Now: More Moringa, The Water Gallon Experiment, Serious Ingestible Beauty

Why Ferulic Acid Is the New Must-Have In Sun Protection

The Posture-Fixing Sports Bra You Need To Own

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Why Nobody Deserves To Sag: You Wouldn't Buy A Rolls Royce Without Getting It Serviced, Right?

How Face Oil Cured My Cystic Acne

What We're Reading Now: 5 Days Of Cult Workouts, Meg Ryan's Face Is None Of Your Business, Amy Schumer's Beauty Advice, And More

Rob Lowe Breaks the Cardinal Law of Anti-Aging, But He Still Remains Ageless

Athleisure: Apparently Yoga Clothes Now Count As Business Casual

My Fat Dad: And Other Memories Of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Schlitz Beer, Sprite, and Pringles Potato Chips

How I Finally Fixed My Sleep Issues

What We're Reading: SoulCycle Lawsuit, Iskra Lawrence's Unretouched Fitness Editorial, And More

Should You Salt Your Food? The Answer Will Surprise You

Is Your Water Bottle Aging You? Umm, Yes...

Tammy Fender's Skin-Fixing Workout Moves + Pre/Post Skincare Routine

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Ingestible Beauty Meets Muscles: Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein Powder

YouTube: We Curated The Best Of Skincare & Wellness

The Summer Scarf: A Sun Protection Essential

What We're Reading Now: Selena Gomez Uses A Sweat Bed, Memorial Day Weekend Prep, And More

Credo Beauty Has Landed In New York: What Should You Buy?

Why This Plastic Surgeon Is Trending: Dr. Miami Snaps His Snips

Summer Style: 6 Must-Have Wide-Brimmed Hats

Botox Resistance: True/False?

What We're Reading Now: Victoria Beckham's Cannes Skincare Routine, Dr. Miami Snapchat, And More

Why Medical Estheticians Make The Perfect Threesome

Summer Style: 7 Chic Sun-Guarding Shades

Decoding Sunscreen Lingo + Some Of Our Favorites

Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm's Office

What We're Reading Now: MIT Scientists Develop 'Second Skin', Burger King Spa, And More

Where Do Eye Bags Come From, And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

Dana James, Nutritionist: How I Trained For A Hot Summer Bod

What We're Reading Now: Miranda Kerr's Post-Met Detox, KFC's Nail Polish, And More

Are You Storing Your Stem Cells Yet?

How To Find The Right Detox Destination For You

What We're Reading Now: What Products Disrupt Your Hormones, Amanda Peet On Aging, And More

It’s All About You: These 3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Self-Care Epiphanies

This Anti-Aging, Collagen Infused Gin Probably Doesn't Work

The Mother-Daughter Festival Trend: How Do Coachella Cougars Keep Up?

What We're Reading Now: Make-Up Free Barbie, Coachella Cougars, The Most Beautiful Spas, And More

What's The Best Way To Prevent Aging In The Sensitive Neck Area?

Manuka Honey Is A Supercharged Cure-All: Here's Why

How To Stop Crow's Feet (Botox, Creams, And More)

We Moon Dusted For A Week: Here's What Happened

What We're Reading Now: Freckle Drama, What Jennifer Aniston Really Eats And More

Charlotte Talks To: AKT'S Anna Kaiser and BFF Sarah Easley

The Do Not Mix List: Skincare Layering Rules

Cosmetic Treatments: The 50s + 60s

What We're Reading Now: Tracy Anderson On Eating Fries, Chewable Collagen, And More

Help! I Can't Cure My Keratosis Pilaris Flare-Ups. What Can I Do?

Is it Genetics or Is It Diet? Irina Shayk's Papaya Powder Secret

Sweet, Satisfying (And Healthy!) Date + Coconut Treats

Why Kundalini Yoga Is The New Vinyasa

What We're Reading Now: The Beyoncé Activewear Line, How To Make Your Skincare Treatments Last Longer, And More

The Future Is Now: Your Cancer-Detecting Bra Is In The Works

Summer Prep: The Laser Hair Removal Guide

5 Questions With Amandine Isnard Of Eve Lom Skincare

What We're Reading Now: Sunny Fitness Escapes, Healthy Drunk Food And More

Why The Way You Eat Is More Important Than What You Eat (Trust Us)

Charlotte Talks To: Paola Gugliotta Of Cult Skincare Line Sepai

What We're Reading Now: Gwyneth's Morning Smoothie Is Expensive, The Nonsurgical Face-Lift, What Happens When You Stop Working Out, And More

The Skinny On The Best Body Slimming Creams, Scrubs & Oils

The Amazing Links Between Exercise & Anti-Aging

This New Super-Popular Skincare Treatment Features Plant Placenta

Your New Breasts: An In-Depth Look At The Ideal Implant

Get Glowing With This Skinny Grapefruit + Green Smoothie

What We're Reading Now: Kim Kardashian On Body-Shaming, Goop Skincare Review, And More

Charlotte Talks To: Luxury Coat Designer Michelle Waugh

CB Expert Poll: Coffee vs. Tea

What We're Reading Now: A Hollywood Dermatologist's Oscar Weekend, Yoga In Bed, And More

Does Thermage Hurt?

Our Favorite Toners (Yes, They Actually Work!)

What We're Reading Now: Competitive Yoga, Inside Out Facials, Olivia Munn's Potato Cure, And More

What French Women Can Teach Us (And Our Daughters) About Skincare

What We're Reading Now: The NYFW Model Breakfast, CB Expert Dr. Frank Lipman On Anti-Aging, And More

Vegetarian? Vegan? Supplements For Plant-Based Eating

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel

What We're Reading: Internet Shaming Has Gone Too Far, Anti-Aging For Your Lips, And More

Rose Skincare That's Perfect For Right Now

What's The Best Way To Treat Lip Lines?

Inside The Oscar Gift Bag: Is The "Vampire" Breast Lift Worth It?

A Recipe For Your Valentine: Spiced Orange Merlot

What We're Reading Now: Why Gold-Infused Skincare Isn't Worth The Hype, On-Demand Botox, And More

We Love Kristen Wiig As Alexanya Atoz, Plus Why "Youth Milk" Is Actually Good For You

Everything You Need To Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty

5 Questions For Holistic Health Coach Holli Thompson

What We're Reading Now: Ariel Winter On Breast Reduction, The New Barbie, And More

How We See It: Aesthetic Health and Wellness Trends For 2016

The Best Root Vegetable Soup For Cold Winter Days

What We're Reading Now: Goop Skincare, The Newest Dietary Guidelines, And More

We Got (Subtle) Lip Injections

Earlobe Rejuvenation? The Lobe Lift Is A Thing

Review: EO Ageless Skincare Makes Winter Bearable

What We're Reading Now: 13 Reasons To Stop Plastic Surgery Shaming, What Ballet Dancers Really Eat, And More

Alkaline Vs. Acid: What To Eat For Healthier Skin

Charlotte Talks To: Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas

The Original Ingestible Beauty: Bone Broth

Do This Now: A 5 Minute Meditation How-To

What We're Reading Now: Should Your Partner Decide If You Get Botox? Eat Like Gisele, And More

How Diet Coke Messes With Your Microbiome

What's The Prime Time To Start Your Anti-Aging Regimen?

Dentists Doing Cosmetic Dermatology? No Thanks.

What We're Reading Now: Carrie Fisher Responds To Body Shamers, Anti-Aging Resolutions, And More

Cosmetic Treatments At Every Age: The 40's