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What We're Reading: The Best Face Wash For Each Skin Type, 2019 Beauty Trend Predictions, Nutritionist-Approved Carbs, And More...

Beauty Products We Love This Month - December Edition

Why I Use A Cannula Needle When I Inject Restylane Lyft, A Hyaluronic Acid-Based Filler

4 Ways To Counteract The Harsh Effects Of Tap Water

What We're Reading: The Most Googled Beauty Questions Of 2018, All About Ceramides, How To Master The Classic Red Lip, And More...

What We're Reading: The Risks Of Vaginal Lightening, Getting Rid Of Hormonal Acne, The Skincare Benefits Of Goat Milk, And More...

What Can You Do About Fine Lines Around The Lips? We Asked Our Experts.

What We're Reading: A Guide To Gray Hair, How Orgasms Lead To Better Skin, What Non-Comedogenic Really Means, And More...

What We're Reading: Acne Treatment Products Dermatologists Love, A Hydrating Face Powder, Gut Shots, And More...

How Your Gut Health Is Linked To Rosacea

How To Find The Best Dermatologist For You: It's Not Just About Credentials (Although That Is Key!)

Food Bullying: How I Learned To Deal With It, And How You Can Too

What We're Reading: The Best Clean Beauty Ingredients, Winter Skincare Tips, A Guide To Rosehip Oil, And More...

Meet HALO Sport: The Only Sports Drink Worth Having After A Workout

Too Much Botox: The Telltale Signs Of Over-Injection

What We're Reading: Anti-Aging Guide For Lips, How To Naturally Curb Your Appetite, The Truth About Parabens, And More...

Secrets to Younger Looking Hands: Q&A With Celebrity Manicurist Deborah Lippmann

I'd Buy It Again: Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub

What We're Reading: What's In Bella Hadid's Fridge, How To Cure A Sugar Hangover, What A Fraxel Laser Does, And More...

What Kind Of Milk Should I Be Drinking?

All About Facial Gua Sha, Jade Rolling's More Intense Older Sister

What We're Reading: Derm-Approved Lip Balms, What Really Happens In A Plastic Surgeon's Office, The Best Anti-Aging Foods For Women, And More...

Breast Lift, Implants, Or Both: Which Is Right For You?

My North Star: How I Built Vintner’s Daughter, A Successful One-Product Skincare Brand

What We're Reading: Dry Vs. Dehydrated Skin, The Great Bra Debate, Fall Skincare Tips From Chrissy Teigen's Facialist, And More...

Bring My Belly Back: What Happens To Your Stomach After A C-Section

Model Trainer Heather Marr's Best Nutrition Tips For Getting Your Pre-Summer Body Back

What We're Reading: The Ultimate Facial Hair Removal Guide, Drugstore Skincare That Actually Works, Foods That Cause Oily Skin, And More...

I'd Buy It Again: Kosås Tinted Face Oil

Déjà Vu: Silicone Breast Implants Have A Complicated History, But Are They Safe Now?

The New Vbeam Prima Is Here (Rosacea Sufferers Rejoice!)

What We're Reading: Madonna's New Beauty Roller, The Best Hand Creams, Doctor-Approved Anti-Aging Supplements, And More...

Are Health Coaches The New Shrinks?

NYC Event Alert: Dr. Sophie Bartsich On How Your Breasts Reveal Your Age

The 6-Ingredient Ultimate Morning Elixir That's Healthy, Delicious, And Easy To Make

What We're Reading: What To Do If You Get Botox And Hate It, Weight Watchers Changes Its Name, Vaginal Sheet Masks, And More...

The Best Ways To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

A Sample Butt Workout That'll Actually Give You The Bum Of Your Dreams

What We're Reading: Probiotic Skincare, How Breast Implant Surgery Is Changing, Fall Skincare Trends, And More...

A Different Kind Of Happy Hour: What It's Like To Give Up Drinking In New York City

Eyelid Rejuvenation Treatments For Under-Eye Bags, Droopy Upper Eyelids, And Dark Circles

My Beauty File: Lorena Garcia, Founder of Bloguettes And Majka

Vampire Facial Gone Wrong: A Spa Exposed Its Clients To Infections

The Ways Stress Compromises Gut Health (And How Sex Can Help)

What We're Reading: The Skin Personality Quiz, How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs, A VS Model's Skincare Routine, And More...

The Best Cold-Weather Cosmetic Treatments For Fall And Winter

Paleo, Whole30, Keto: A Food Scientist's Perspective On Diet Certifications

How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon For You

What We're Reading: How To Transition Your Skincare Into Fall, DIY Beauty Treatments, Skin Benefits Of Gua Sha, And More...

The Perfectionist's Guide To Body Contouring

Get Your Honeymoon Glow On With Farmacy's New Night Serum (No Wedding Required)

How To Pick The Right Herbal Supplement Brands

What The Heck Is Snow Mushroom Water? And Why Should Your Skin Care So Much?

Counterfeit Beauty Products: The Ugly Truth About Fake Beauty

What We're Reading: The Nonsurgical Breast Lift, Jennifer Lawrence's Minimal Beauty Routine, A Beginner's Guide To Retinol, And More...

What We're Reading: Pancake Syrup For Younger Looking Skin, How To Transition Off The Pill, The Buzzy New Skincare Supplement, And More...

My End-Of-Summer Slump Is In Full Effect. Here's My Quick Guide To A Post-Summer Reboot.

Try The Quickest Hangover Cure Ever

What We're Reading: Lip Fillers That Mimic Makeup, Common Sun Protection Mistakes, The Glass Hair Trend Sweeping Hollywood, And More...

Ask Charlotte: What's The Difference Between Retinol Cream And Retinol Serum?

Dr. Whitney Bowe Talks Topical Probiotics, Her Favorite Cleanser, And Of Course, Supplements

What We're Reading: Healthy Fats Every Diet Needs, Botox For Migraines, How To Eat Sugar Healthfully, And More...

I'd Buy It Again: I'm In Love With The Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line T

Ask Charlotte: What's The Botox Shelf?

What We're Reading: Girlfriend's Guide To Ulthera, Why You Have Oily Skin, The Morning Routines Of Successful People, And More...

My Beauty File: Sadie Adams, Facialist And Founder Of Take Care Face & Body

Ask Charlotte: What Are The Easiest Changes I Can Make for Better Skin?

Ready For A Detox? Try These Unexpected Cleansing Foods

What We're Reading: A Guide To Natural Sweeteners, Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Habits, NYC's New Wellness Oasis, And More...

How CBD Protein Powder Cured My Back Pain

My Stay At Golden Door: Mindfulness, Gourmet Food, And No Wine

What We're Reading: How To Stay Cool This Summer, The 6 Most Important Skincare Habits, The Benefits Of Double-Cleansing, And More...

This Sun Damage Video Reveals The Very Real Risks Of UV Exposure

The Skincare Sins And Secrets Of A Celebrity Esthetician

Kylie Jenner's Lip Fillers Are Gone. A CB Expert Weighs In

What We're Reading: 5 New Healthy Meal Delivery Services, K-Beauty Skincare Trends Explained, 25 Cult Classic Skincare Products, And More...

5 Foods That Enhance Your Natural Sun Protection

This Probiotic Shooter Is Just Like A Pixie Stick, And We Can't Get Enough

Ask Charlotte: Does Fat Come Back After CoolSculpting?

What We're Reading: The Instagram "Headache" Pose, 5 Moves For A Stronger Butt, Tips For Natural-Looking Foundation, And More...

Are You A Wonder Woman? A Femme Fatale? Dana James Says Your Archetype Is Influencing Your Eating Habits

Are You Having A Summer Skin Freakout?

A Breakdown Of The Cult Favorite Biologique Recherche P50 Line

Drunk Elephant's New D-Bronzi Is The Perfect Self-Tanner For People Who Are Terrified Of Self-Tanners

What We're Reading: The Biggest Health Trend Of 2018, Transparent Face Masks, How To Tame Frizzy Hair, And More...

How To Not Gain Weight This Summer

What We're Reading: How To Pick The Right Moisturizer, The Latest Innovations In Fem-Tech, Good Vs. Bad Sugars, And More...

Do You Understand What "Dirty Skin" Means And Why It's Good For You? We Explain.

Ingredient Check: Fatty Acids, Inside & Out (Plus The Products & Supplements You Need)

Bye Bye, Miss America Bikini: My Thoughts On #bikiniselfies, Emily Ratajkowski, And More

What We're Reading: Felicity Jones' Skincare Routine, The Best Hormone-Balancing Supplements, Natural Remedies For Dark Circles, And More...

Ask Charlotte: What Kombucha Should I Buy?

Are InstaBreasts Worth The Hype?

What We're Reading: The Biggest Misconceptions About Probiotics, How Much Sunscreen You Really Need, Mood-Boosting Supplements, And More...

Musings Of A Curious Mind: Bobbi Brown's Notes To Her Younger Self

What We're Reading: Hand Fillers Are Now FDA-Approved, Why Bella Hadid Won't Get Cosmetic Surgery, An Emoji-Sexting Guide, And More...

My Beauty File: Emily Parr, Founder Of Poke PR

Two Anti-Aging Alternatives To Traditional Injectables: Fat Injections And PRP

Fasted Vs. Fed Exercise: I Tried Both And Here Are The Results

What We're Reading: How The Keto Diet Affects Your Skin, The Cosmetic Treatment That's Become A Global Phenomenon, Penis Facials, And More...

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel, According To A Health Coach

Is Facial Steaming Actually Good For My Skin?

How To Balance Holistic Living With Cosmetic Dermatology

Ask Charlotte: Do Gummy Vitamins Work?

What We're Reading: What Too Much Filler Does To Your Face, Supplements For Stress, What's In Jennifer Aniston's Smoothie, And More...

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren't Working

What We're Reading: Toxic Sunscreen, 10 Botox Facts, The Downside To Lip Fillers, And More...

My Beauty File: Jump Rope Queen + Celebrity Trainer Amanda Kloots

Body Contouring Treatments Decoded: UltraShape, SculpSure, CoolSculpting, And TruSculpt 3D

NYC Event Alert: The Motherhood Event

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Standard “B” Cup

What We're Reading: The Pros And Cons Of At-Home Laser Hair Removal, Sephora's New In-Store Facial, Understanding Nutrition Labels, And More...

Charlotte Talks To: Nancy Twine Of Briogeo

A Delicious Cannellini Bean Bagna Càuda Recipe

Ask Charlotte: Botox, Dysport, Or Xeomin? Which Is Best, Or Are They All The Same?

The Best Probiotic Foods (If You Hate Taking Supplements)

What We're Reading: How Millennials Use Botox, The One Food Supermodels Eat For Glowing Skin, And More...

I'd Buy It Again: Cane + Austin Retexture Pads

My Week With Anna Kaiser: What It's Really Like To Do A Celebrity Fitness Bootcamp

Musings Of A Curious Mind: Bobbi Brown's First Column For CB

What We're Reading: Madonna On Butt Masks And Fighting Ageism, The Most Common Skincare Mistakes, And More...

Could This Really Be True?! Can Pasta Help With Weight Loss?

All About Fillers: Dr. Robyn Gmyrek Fills Us In On The Different Options And What They Do

I'd Buy It Again: Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream Review

New York Event Alert: Spring Renewal At Russak Dermatology

When's The Safest Time For Breast Implants: Pre- Or Post-Pregnancy?

What We're Reading: Allure's New Life In Plastic Series, 7 Things Dermatologists Never Put On Their Face, And More...

From Supplements To Lasers And PRP, Here Are The Best Remedies For Hair Loss

A Super Easy Recipe For A Cancer-Fighting, Anti-Aging Chocolate Drink

My Beauty File: Rose-Marie Swift, Founder Of RMS Beauty

Ask Charlotte: Can An IUD Help My Melasma?

I'd Buy It Again: Kosås Creme Blush Is Perfect For That “Lit From Within” Cheeky Glow

What We're Reading: Apparently Pasta Leads to Weight Loss, The World's First Face Gym, And More... A New Lifestyle Platform From Bobbi Brown (Plus, A New Wellness Line To Boot!)

Glow15: Harnessing The Power Of Autophagy To Reverse Signs Of Aging In 15 Days

Can Changing Your Hair Color Get You A Raise?

Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water?

What We're Reading: Spring Beauty Trends On Instagram, The Lazy Girl's Skincare Rule, Why Planking For A Long Time Is Pointless, And More...

To Tell Or Not To Tell: Do You Keep Your Cosmetic Treatments A Secret?

Skyn ICELAND's New Micellar Cleansing Water Is Made With Icelandic Glacial Water And Arctic Algae

Christie Brinkley, Debbie White, And Dr. Patricia Wexler On Beauty, Aging, And Empowerment

What We're Reading: The Top 6 Healthy Food & Drink Trends at ExpoWest, Tata Harper's Morning Routine, Why Kim Kardashian Gets Late-Night Facials And More...

The New Lip Microneedling Tool That Plumps Your Pout

I Tried It: A Trifecta Of Lasers To Get Rid Of Sunspots, Freckles, And Visible Veins

Summer Fridays: A New Skincare Line Created By Two Beauty Influencers

What We're Reading: The Best Skincare Routine For Your 30s, Getting A Chemical Peel, The Best Health And Wellness Podcasts, And More...

Is the Coconut Oil in My Kitchen Safe For My Skin?

Cankles: What They Are, Why They Happen, And How To Get Rid Of Them

My Beauty File: Mckenzie Raley Of Land Of Women

What We're Reading: The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures, A Celebrity Facialist's Skincare Secrets, Beyoncé's Diet Plan, And More...

You Get What You Pay For: The Risk Of Cheap Botox

Breast Implant Types And How To Choose The Right One

The NYC Spa That's All About Better Sex And Orgasms

What We're Reading: Celebs Get Picture-Perfect For The Oscars, How To Layer Your Skincare Products, Botox In A Bottle, And More...

My Beauty File: Maria Hatzistefanis Of Rodial

I'd Buy It Again: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Review

Is Your Cosmetic Surgeon Qualified? The Answer Isn't As Simple As You Might Think

Ask Charlotte: Should Everyone Take A Probiotic?

What We're Reading: CoverGirl Features First Model With Vitiligo, Why Women Need Probiotics, Biggest Fitness Trends Of 2018, And More...

Video: Radio Frequency 101 With Joanna Vargas

Wine, Hearty Food, & Self-Care: A Guide To An Ayurvedic Winter

Sad About Wrinkles? Botox Can Help With Depression

What We're Reading: The Best Dry Scalp Remedies, Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Protein Culture In America, And More...

My Beauty File: Coralie Charriol Paul

My Favorite Beauty, Wellness, And Fitness Apps Right Now

The Biggest Skincare Mistakes My Clients Make

Self-Care Tips For Healing (And Partying) Post-Divorce

That's Hot: Why Sex Is Great For Your Skin

What We're Reading: Why Organic Tampons Aren't Better, Jessica Biel Talks Vaginas, A Beginner's Guide To Cannabis, And More...

In Defense of Beauty

Here Are Our 5 Favorite Facial Spots In Los Angeles

We're Giving Away A Week-Long Intensive With Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser

Weed Vs. Wine: Our Beauty & Wellness Experts Weigh In

6 Herbal Supplements To Fight The Winter Blues

Work Out At Home: The Best Of Digital Fitness

What We're Reading: The "New Naked", Bespoke Wedding Scents, The Impact Of Selfie Culture On Plastic Surgery, and More...

An Esthetician's Winter Skincare Routine + Favorite Products

Winter Comfort Food That Balances Your Body's PH

The Surprisingly Easy Hot Water Cure

A Timeless, Chic Bob: Chrissy Teigen's Hair Stylist Told Me How She Did It

I’d Buy It Again: Nucifera Balm Review

What We're Reading: Baby Botox, How To Apply Lip Liner, Skin Benefits Of Rosehip Oil, And More...

Why Am I Finding So Many Grays?

Video: Go Inside My Supplement Cabinet With Beauty Nutritionist Corina Crysler

What We're Reading: Best Product Launches This Month, Antioxidants, Alcohol Alternatives For Dry January, And More...

Is Your Derm Really A Derm?

Jessica Morelli Of Palermo Body Shares Her Beauty File

Protini Is Here! Drunk Elephant's New Polypeptide Cream Has Arrived

What We're Reading: Injectables for Wedding-Ready Skin, Micro-Cheating, UFO Face Masks and More...

ICYMI: Watch Our Webinar On The Real Meaning Of "Clean Living" With Dr. Frank Lipman And Tiffany Masterson

How Does Fitness Change After 40? Here's My Best Training Advice

Smoothies Vs. Juice? Plus The Most Delicious (Almost) Fruitless Smoothie Recipe

7 Skin-Fixing Probiotic & Protein Supplements For Women

Ulthera Took Five Years Off My Face

The 5 Must-Have Supplements And Their Proper Dosage

What We're Reading: Scrunchies (AKA Hair Clouds) Are Back, Nose Jobs Are Changing, And More...

I Tried The Whole30 Diet To Help My PCOS And Regulate My Hormones

The Best At-Home Blue Light LED Acne Treatments

Leave The Juice, Take The Supplements: A New Guide To Detox

Read This Now: The Books You Need For A Better 2018